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KL Night Bazaar

Posted by on 13 March 2011 | 0 Comments

One of the lesser known attractions for the visitor who likes something different from the usual tourist haunts. In and around KL there are mobile / traveling markets where vendors selling a variety of products / food group together to travel to different locations evry night. We call them the 'Night Markets'.

You will get hundreds of stalls set up every day as the sun sets. These are the hangouts of the local residents. Away from the usual shopping malls these stalls are popular for their bargains. You will get clothing, shoes, costume jewellery, belts, kitchen wares, household essentials, toys, mattresses, beddings, watches, DVDs, etc. The range of food is also staggering. You will get 'Smelly Tou Fu', chicken baked in herbs, smoothies, bubble tea, cakes, pastries, fresh fruits, etc.

If you have been to KL before and have not ventured out of the touristy places, the night bazaar is definite must see and experience. You will certainly get a taste of local culture and great shopping.