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Know your way around KL

Wonder whether you have been taken for a ride? Read on.....

Below is the information deviant taxi drivers would want to hide from you. Have a look at the charges as they are supposed to be.

Regular / Budget Taxi (usually red and white colored Proton Sagas)

Flagfall - RM 2.00 for the 1st km
Every subsequent 150 meter - 0.10 sen
For long distances every 1 km - 0.70 sen
Waiting / speed less than 20 kph - 0.10 sen every 45 seconds
3rd & 4th passenger - 0.20 sen each
Usage of boot space - RM 1.00 flat rate (driver has right to limit quantity)
Toll charges - According to tolls
On call - RM 2.00
12 midnight - 6 am - 50% surcharge
Going to the airports - Meter charge + RM12 + Toll charges + Passenger count + Luggage in Boot
or go by standard rates charged which starts from RM65

Premium Taxis (bright yellow Perdanas or blue Hyundai Sonatas)

Flagfall - Rm 3.00 - 6.00 for 1st km
Other charges are estimated at - 3 times the regular taxi rate

Rates subject to change periodically when Taxi associations apply to the Ministry of Transport for increases

Tipping is not expected but should be given for good service

If you need a good and relaible taxi while in Kuala Lumpur I can recommend a couple of trusted cabbies whom we have been using for more than 10 years.