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Kuala Selangor Fireflies

Kuala Lumpur Day Trip Excursion

This adventure has been considered as one of the highlights of our guests' stay in Kuala Lumpur. There aren't many places around the world with a sizeable community of fireflies like the one we have in Kuala Selangor. If you were not told that they are fireflies you'd probably think they are Christmas lights blinking incessantly on dozens of Chrsitmas trees along the banks of the river.

On the way to Kuala Selangor you will visit an orchid farm just outside of Rawang town. We are constantly amazed at the neverending myriad of colours and shapes from the cross breeding of orchid species. You may purchase test-tube seedlings of the specie of your choice to bring home.

Along the way you will come across quaint small towns with it's laid back lifestyle and oil palm plantations, giving you a glimpse of the rural countryside

You will visit the old Dutch Fortress overlooking the Straits of Malacca at Bukit Malawati and play with it's most famous inhabitants - the Silver Leaf Monkeys. 

A short journey from the Fort brings you to the riverine town of Pasir Penampang where you will have a sumptious seafood dinner while enjoying the sunset over the islands that dot the horizon. After the sunset it is time to go over to Kuala Selangor to take the electric powered boat out to the river to see the fireflies. Here you will witness a spectacle of busy little lights dancing about the trees to eat and mate, oblivious of the tourists sitting quietly in their boats crusing along the banks of the river. 

Duration: 3pm - 11pm
Price: Upon request and depends on the number of people