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An Unique Malaysian Homestay

Sarang Vacation Homes
A Truly Unique Experience Through Malaysian Homestay

Experience The Real Malaysia
There is no better way to experience the rich culture and trademark warm hospitality of Malaysia than through Malaysia homestays. It is the perfect choice for travellers who seek authentic, unique Malaysian experiences at an affordable price!

All too often, tourists who choose to live in the posh, commercialized areas of Kuala Lumpur miss out on a truly enriching experience that can be found in Malaysia. Only a homestay experience gives travellers a real, wholesome glimpse into what truly makes the country unique. Malaysia is famed for its distinctive food, customs, traditions, arts and crafts, but many of the authentic experiences are not easily found in usual tourist spots.

The local families that travellers encounter during their homestay can also be invaluable in creating a complete experience. Malaysia is a land steeped in traditional culture, and many of its aspects may not be fully appreciated without a guide. Not only can they lead you to some of the most exciting spots in the country, homestay also allows visitors to immerse themselves into daily Malaysian life from the start!

Affordable, Authentic Experiences
The deep immersion in local lifestyle and culture that homestay provides allows you to easily explore off the beaten path to find out the treasures that make this country so wonderful. It takes the more personal touch of a homestay to discover the truly unforgettable experiences that lie hidden deep within the sights, sounds and people of Malaysia.

Homestays are usually far more affordable than other forms of accommodation while offering great comfort. They are also usually located in neighbourhoods and environments where local cultures and traditions still thrive. These factors allow travellers greater financial and physical freedom to discover more. This is especially important in Kuala Lumpur, where heritage areas and buildings co-exist harmoniously with modern structures.

The city’s rich and diverse culture can only truly be experienced along the lesser-known paths and streets. Look for restaurants and stalls still preparing authentic Malaysian cuisine, or artists are craftsmen who create uniquely Malaysian arts and crafts. A homestay in the right places can show you the unseen parts of the Malaysian life and give you a complete Malaysian homestay experience.


Sarang Vacation Homes
“Sarang” is Malay for “nest”, and Sarang Vacation Homes Kuala Lumpur lives up to its name by providing a warm, safe nest for groups and families looking for a perfect homestay experience in one of the oldest and heritage-rich areas of the city. Sarang Vacation Homes Kuala Lumpur comprise of 5 houses and apartments of various sizes nestled in the Bukit Bintang area—a popular spot in Kuala Lumpur where traditional and modern culture coexist.

The operators of Sarang Vacation Homes, Michael and Christina are also your perfect guide to Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. Having lived in Kuala Lumpur for 30 years, they are intimately familiar with the city and can bring you to the best places to experience Malaysia.  Their own passion for travelling also gives them a good sensitivity to the needs of tourists, which translates into a perfect experience for their customers.

Discover the “real” side of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia with Sarang Vacation Homes homestay!